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Outline of the event

 ■ **Event Date**
- September 2, 2022 (Saturday) & September 3, 2022 (Sunday)
While the event will be held over two days, our performance is only on September 3 (Sunday).

■ **Eligibility for Application**
- Age, professional or amateur status doesn't matter. However, please understand that this is a street performance, performed outdoors. (For those under 18, a parental consent form is required.)

■ **Selection Criteria**
- Due to the COVID-19 situation this year, the number of performers and venues will be limited. We will select bands to participate based on their suitability for street performance and their compatibility with the community.

■ **How to Apply**
- Please send the application form, stage layout, and recorded music tracks (2-3 songs) to the address mentioned below.
- If uploaded on YouTube, please mention your account name.
- The application form and stage layout can be downloaded from the URLs below:

 Application form:

 Stage layout:

 Application form(PDF)

 Stage layout(PDF)

  - After downloading, please handwrite and mail the form.
- Search for "The Power of Music from Akita" if you have issues.
- If you have problems downloading or printing the Excel file, please contact the address mentioned below.

- Please note that the audio files won't be returned.

■ **Participation Fee**
- Bands that are selected to perform will pay a participation fee of 4,000 yen for up to 4 members. An additional 500 yen will be charged for each member beyond that (7,000 yen for 10 members).
- Payment must be made by the day of the band meeting. If more members join on the day, fees will be collected accordingly. Refunds will not be provided if members decrease.

■ **Application Period**
- April 20, 2023 (Thursday) to June 20, 2023 (Tuesday), based on when the application is received.

■ **Application Address**
- Sound Factory Be-On, Attn: Shindo, Platia M-105, 3-8-16 Tsuzaki Port West, Akita City, 011-0945
- Email:
- Tel: 018-857-3542, Mobile: 090-3367-5958

■ **Notification of Selection**
- After the selection process, the results will be announced on our website on July 2 (Sunday). An official notification and transfer form will be mailed later.

■ **Important Notes**
- Each group's performance should not exceed 30 minutes (changeover within 10 minutes, no rehearsals allowed).
- Loud performances that could disturb nearby shops or residents are unfortunately discouraged.
- Selling goods without prior approval or distributing flyers other than for band promotion is strictly prohibited.

■ **Sound Equipment**
- Live performance is the basic principle. A minimal sound setup will be provided due to the acoustic nature.
- Each stage will have L/R speakers, a mixer with around 16 channels, about 6 microphones, and 4 line channels.
- The speaker will be placed behind the performers and will also serve as a monitor. Sound check is possible within the set time limits.
- Instrumental amplifiers and drum kits won't be provided, so please bring your own if needed.

■ **Others**
- Performance venues and times will be determined by the executive committee.
- We won't adjust for overlapping band schedules.
- Volume levels (balance) during the performance will be left to the discretion of the committee.
- If you use audio materials during your performance, please inform us in advance.
- The meeting for selected bands will be held on July 13, 2023 (Thursday). Attendance is mandatory.
- Participating groups are also requested to actively help with the management of the performance stage (especially setup and teardown).
- Once the schedule is decided, no changes will be made.

■ For inquiries related to applications, please contact Shindo at 090-3367-5958.

■ **Sponsorship and Advertising Request**
- This event is organized by volunteer staff.
- To create a more enjoyable concert for everyone, we seek support through sponsorship and advertising. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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