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Sponsorship Requests

PMA's initiative began with the sentiment, "We want to energize Akita through music and revive its traditional downtown spirit." All operating expenses are covered by corporate sponsorships, individual donations, performer participation fees, fundraisers, and committee fees. We warmly request your sponsorship.

**Regarding Sponsorship:**

- Individual Sponsorship per unit... 2,000 yen (Your name will be listed on our website)
- Corporate Sponsorship per unit... 5,000 yen (Your company name will be listed on our website)
- ※Of course, if you prefer, we can withhold publishing your name or accept donations anonymously.

You may directly transfer your donations to the bank accounts listed below:

**Postal Money Transfer:**
- Account Number: 02280-3-125917
- Account Holder: PMA実行委員会 (Please note "Sponsorship for □ units" in the remarks section.)

**Bank Transfer:**
- Bank: Akita Bank, Omachi Branch, Ordinary account number 28366
- Account Holder: ザパワーオブミュージックフロムアキタ 実行委員会

For more details, please contact:

The Power of Music from Akita Executive Committee Office

Address: 010-1618, Akita City, Araya Matsubigaoka Kita Town, 11-32
Phone: 018-866-0643
Company: Com's Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Sato
Email: sato@com-s.nett


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