It all started with just one person's suggestion.

Imagine if the streets were filled with music...
People who had the desire to "energize the town with music", "revitalize the town through music", and "bring people together with the power of music" gathered and initiated this plan.

This is an event for those who truly love music. We are calling for performers not only from Akita City but also from various parts of the prefecture and even outside of it. If the streets can overflow with music and if we can send out comforting melodies from Akita, people will naturally gather, leading to new interactions and communications.

While there are many musicians and artists in Akita who are active in their own right, there hasn't been an opportunity where different genres of music are performed all at once. We wanted to create such a space on the streets. By closely connecting with other groups that are energizing Akita, we hope to expand our circle and help each other elevate our activities. Our goal is to make music more approachable, provide healing to people, and bring life back to the streets.

We envisioned an event that embodies all of this.

We hope to continue hosting this and grow alongside various music enthusiasts. Our wish is to become a fresh breeze in Akita for community revitalization, sending out love and energy.
       However, it does cost money.
Of course, everyone is a volunteer.

Subsidies from the government have been gradually decreasing, yet we still received a grant of 500,000 yen from the PMA.

The expenses are substantial. The cost of equipment such as sound systems and tents amounts to about 2.5 million yen. Adding guest honorariums and printing costs, it's a 3 million yen event.

As for the income, we have a 3,000 yen annual membership fee from the organizing committee members, sponsorship money for the program, donations collected at the event venue, individual sponsorships, and still, it's not enough... I apologize, but we also had to charge the performers a participation fee just to break even.

We hope for your warm support so that we can continue this event even if we lose the government subsidies.

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